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"CURBS is one of the most innovative, creative and exciting projects working amongst children in the UK." - Bishop Paul Butler, Patron.

Believing that all children are created in God’s image, CURBS starts in the world of the urban child and, through positive relationships, seeks to build bridges which will enable them to experience God’s loving care.

CURBS has 3 main aims:

1. To promote an approach to working with children which starts in their world, recognises their developmental needs and values their spirituality.

2. To provide Christian resources for inner city children and those on outer urban estates for use in church-linked Sunday, mid-week, holiday activities and similar settings.

3.To provide support, training and encouragement for children’s workers in such areas by means of training and resource days, networking and partners.

More about CURBS


CURBS resource material is made up of a number of packs called CURBStone Kits.

Each kit draws on biblical material related to the theme, sometimes used explicitly, sometimes implicitly.


CURBS is more than simply a tool or a resource to be dropped into an urban church struggling with its children’s work…


We have key areas of expertise and will work together with you to ensure that it meets your needs, and our approach is friendly and informal.

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We have key churches/groups who connect with our approach and share our values and these form our vitally important ‘CURBS HUBS’. These HUBS represent CURBS ‘on the ground’ and we support them with free resources, relevant training and encouragement in their situation. Our HUBS help develop the future direction of our project through feeding back to us, being involved in our Away Days and in piloting and developing new resources. HUBS share our resources and promote CURBS in their local context and through their links/networks.

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if you have any questions or queries, or want more information about how we can support you and your ministry, please fill in the form below, or phone us on 07766 020524

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