About CURBS Resources

What are they like?

CURBS resource material is made up of a number of packs called CURBStone Kits. These are primarily issue-based and start in the child’s own world, not where we think they ought to be! The aim is to help children make meaningful links between their world and God’s story. Each kit draws on biblical material related to the theme, sometimes used explicitly, sometimes implicitly.

We recognise that many children will be non-readers. In the light of this we explore other approaches to learning, touching the child’s spirituality through imagination and creativity, the use of visual and aural approaches, and above all through opportunities to build quality relationships with each child.  We believe that even the best resource is no substitute for relationship.

A Typical CURBStone kit

  • is primarily designed for use with inner city kids and those on outer urban estates (although it often works well in small rural communities!)
  • is created for kids who have little or no Christian background or kids who need a new way of looking at the Bible stories and Christian values they grew up with.
  • is primarily aimed at 5 to 11 year olds although some resources go up to 13 and we have just launched the first series for Under 5s groups — and some resources are family/all-age oriented.
  • is designed to provide lots of opportunities for building quality relationships and opening up new worlds to the children.
  • is undated and ungraded and is designed to be easily adaptable up and down the age groups.
  • does not require lots of expensive resources.
  • does not require huge amounts of preparation time.
  • provides a flexible ‘pick and choose to suit’ approach.
  • includes games, crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, talking times, thinking times, ‘off the wall’ activities… you name it!
  • as a printed copy is usually presented as A4 sheets in slide or ring binders, or in multi-punch pockets and is fully photocopiable – with certain safeguards!

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