Through Their Eyes

In conjunction with CURBS
(Working in marginalised and urban contexts)

Come and experience an informal, conversational learning opportunity. As a participant you can expect to explore together what re-imagining children and families might look like where you are.


An exploration of what it means to be a child made in God’s image and how that shapes us growing together, understanding each other and living life in community.

Including the following topics:

– Made in God’s image
– Starting in their world
– Spirituality
– Celebrating urban diversity
– Cementing in the building blocks.

Suitable for anyone interested in exploring fresh ways of engaging in children and families work.

For more details contact

Sara Barron on 07766020524

or email

Crucible Course Webinar

‘What have the children ever done for us?’ 

So often we look at children as those we need to teach. What if we saw that building relationship was mutually beneficial? How would that affect church, life, and community? Can we grow intergenerational communities that enable all to flourish? Jesus said ‘the kingdom belongs to such as these.’ In what ways can we hold space for children in and out of the church to build friendship, community and relationship with God?

URL: Watch the Webinar. What have children ever done for us?


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