A free resource for Good Friday, produced by the Friday Club Plaistow, East London.

Some examples of what is included in the .pdf download. Click to enlarge.

The Friday Club in Plaistow, East London, normally hold a Good Friday event for children aged 7-14yrs called Good Friday Club. This is three hours of activities looking at the life of Jesus and what God might mean to each one of us.

The event is small and a mix of about 50/50 churched and non-churched kids normally attend. Coronavirus put a stop to the 2020 event and so the leaders of the club put together a pack to send out to the children they had contact with, plus a few others that became known to them.

As we were getting ready to do something similar this year we looked again at what had been produced last year and could see that this might be useful to others engaged in similar work.

Please feel free to use the ideas which we have put on the website for you to download. We have split the original .pdf document into single pages so you can use what you think is appropriate. Please bear in mind that where we have used things from other sources, ie the cartoons, you should make sure you include the artists details, shown on the last page. The cartoons can also be downloaded from freebibleimages.org but the speech bubbles were added by us. We work mainly with non-church children so we have tried to not use words that they wouldn’t hear on a daily basis.

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